1. In Maryland, New Law adds 5 years jail time for beating up your partner in front of a kid

    This Wednesday, several recently passed laws will go into effect in my home state, Maryland. 

    Read about them HERE.

    Among them, one of the most important ones I noted was the new law that makes perpetrators of domestic violence on their spouses or partners subject to an additional 5 years of jail time if they batter in front of a child. 

    Think about how many children learn to be abusers or to accept abuse from watching it. 

    Chris Brown, who is infamously non for beating his then-girlfriend Rihanna in a car following an argument before the 2009  Grammy Awards ceremony, said he grew up watching his dad beat up his mom.

    In 2006,  Brown told MTV News in 2006 that mother’s abuse was ‘an influence in me about how to treat a woman.

    And also, I couldn’t help but to wonder about all the young women who defended former Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice who was caught knocking out his then-girlfriend turned wife in an elevator in an Atlantic City, New Jersey hotel. 

    I wonder who taught you to hate yourself?

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    Motions Global Ambassador stylist Ursula Stephen gives the following tips on how to achieve this fashion-forward style which she says was “inspired by an illustrated cartoon character” she once ripped out of a magazine and has since been carrying around in her wallet for years:

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    •    One at the front of the head, slightly off to the side
    •    One at the crown of the head, slightly off to the opposite side
    •    One last one at the nape of the neck, slightly off to the same side as the section at the front of the head
    a.    For each ponytail, twist from the end and wrap around itself into a loose bun, pinning to secure and gently tugging on pieces to achieve an “undone” look.
    b.   Hold the look in place with Motions Light Hold Working Spritz (SRP: $3.99; most mass retailers)